Wednesday Worship 11/15/17

Hello everyone! Today I find myself really wanting to share with you all, a touchy subject for me. We are in that time where the holiday spirits are on 1000%. That time where if your a working class citizen, you may find yourself all over the place, yet not in the place you desire to be in. Work is pulling you to work crazy hours, coworkers going on vacation, school finals, rush within the homes, kids after school meetings, barely seeing your spouse; and you find yourself lost within it all. Holidays have become a season of stress, instead of a season of thanksgiving. A season where buying and spoiling one another in more important, than giving that undivided attention. A season where gifts under the tree, determines how love I am. A season where everyone wants to look for everyone out of convenience. A season of everything besides the main thing; God.

These past two weeks, I found myself caught up in a couple of these things. I caught myself working almost two weeks straight! My schedule got bombarded with covering for coworkers, balancing my schedule with my husband’s, and balancing my kids schedule. By the time I was able to breathe again, the week began all over again. Am I the only one this has happened to ? I have found myself in a season where I want more and more from God, and yet society is telling me there is no time because all the holidays are coming!

God is good though, all the time God is good! If you find yourself able to relate with me, then just know God is hearing us and seeing us. Although we find ourselves struggling to congregate, making it to bible studies, or ministry practices; God is closer to you more now than when you are able to met all your schedule demands from church. He sees that society is pulling you to met your requirements, yet your body, soul and spirit are desiring time with the Lord! Were feeling what we are feeling because we are understanding how much we truly don’t belong to this world, but to God.

God has been faithful and will continue to. For the past couple of days I been seeking that intimacy level with the Lord. You know that area where you just want to get lost in His presences with no interruptions. In that room where you can be yourself, scream, cry, talk, and dance to the Lord. That room where worshipping is the only option, and where you worship literally until God puts you to sleep. The time is coming where everyone will be all about materialistic thing, yet my heart can’t help but burst in complete happiness. A happiness that only God can give. How unfailing, graceful, faithful, overwhelming the Lord has been to me and you. My deepest desires are my Lord’s desires for me. My seasons belong to the Lord. Holidays will come and go but the chance to shed love to someone, will stay forever. Let’s focus more on loving one another, in season and out.

Jesus I love you ❤️

My playlist of gratitude toward our Lord:<<
irst loved me ~ Israel Houghton & New Breed (grateful)

• Beautiful love ~ BJ Putnam (grateful)

• How he loves ~ Anthony Evans (loved)

• To worship you I live ~ Israel Houghton (praise)

• The more I seek you ~ Bethel Worship (intimacy)

• I just want you ~ Travis Greene (faithfulness)

WEDNESDAY PRAYER SONG: Repeat as needed. <


“The more I seek you, the more I find you. The more I find you, the more I love you. I want to sit at your feet. Drink from the cup in your hand. Lay back against you and breathe, feel your heart beat. This love is so deep, its more than I can stand. I melt in your peace, its overwhelming.” Thank you Lord for loving us and allowing us to love you right back. Thank you for Your presence and for walking with us, everyday of our life. All I want is to know your heart and hear YOUR HEARTBEAT LORD. We are one father. Amen.

~Victoria 💛

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