Thursday’s Truths

1 Simple rule to always keep in mind: ALWAYS BE THANKFUL!

Don’t be that person that no one likes to be around! Don’t be that negative downer that always has a billion reasons why their not happy. Don’t be that person that people have to constantly cut off because you overwhelm them with your negativity. Don’t be that person you weren’t meant to be! Yes don’t be fake! Be you! The you that God created to be the salt and light of the world ( Matthew 5:13-16).

God created you to be you. He made sure you were going to be different. He made sure that no one in this world was a clone of you. He made sure that you couldn’t be replaceable. He loves the real you! So why be “that person”, when you could have the luxury of being “the person that God spoke upon the earth”. Yes life could give us many reasons at time to think different. However if you find yourself sharing your testimony with someone, be thankful! For those moments when negativity clouded your judgements, were the same moments that help growth you! Those moments are the times that motivated you to strive for greatness. Those same moments were the time that God revealed to you, YOU! Those moments are the moments that changed your world, better yet you changed your perspective on yourself.

It’s important to be thankful because believe it or not; you will OVERCOME! When God created you, He also gave you every tool you will need to overcome this world! So instead of hating that difficult process you find yourself in, bless it. Be thankful for what that process will birth in your life. Be thankful for the new strength it will give you. Be thankful for surviving it. When you give thanks instead of complaining, everything changes. Your situation will change, you will change, those around you will change. So from now on rebuke that sentence that starts with “I hate…”, and plant new seeds of thanks. Regardless what you may feel deep within, say out loud “Lord thank you and bless….”. If your going to try to be like someone or act like someone, let it be Jesus. A mind like the Lord is the only thing you should be trying to have!

PRAYER EXERCISE: This weeks prayer will be a bit different but fun! I will start the prayer and then you will finish it. I want you to think of everything that your thankful for. You can say or write it down. You will be surprise just how thankful you truly are, and that your situation is not the best but not the worse. That your situation might get the best of you at times, it doesn’t have the power to take away everything that your thankful for!


Lord here I am before you once again. I come as I am, with all I am. I come not to ask for anything, but to thank you for everything. I come to you as the light you have spoken that I am. I come to you weak, submissive, humble, yet stronger than the last time. Thank you Lord. I’m thankful………….

~ Victoria 💛

(P.S. Remember to finish your prayer! Have fun on discovering just how precious your heart truly is toward the Lord)

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