Monday’s Mindset 12/04/17 💙

Have you ever studied the ocean long enough, to notice that each current speaks a different process.

A different language.

A different perspective.

A different reason.

A different desire.

A different need.

A different response.

One huge body of water.

Yet so many subunits working separated but for the same ocean.

Gallons of water crashing against the same forces that are trying to pull them apart.

Separated yet uniquely the same.

Apart yet extremely close.

Flowing waters that refreshes the soul.

Not good enough to drink, but to be amongst.

Not easy to be amongst, yet steady enough to balance you within its gravity.

It’s gravity could easily shift you, yet protect you.

Protect you from drowning since you have yet to learn to walk boldly on top of the waves.

Yet you of little faith just got saved by grace.

Your doubts hindered you from reaching to me.

This ocean is your mind, tainted wildly.

Calm your currents and trust me freely.

Freedom from the only one who could offer it to you endlessly.