Thursday’s Truths 12/14/17

“Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV

Quick and simple! It’s important to know the people you surround yourself with. The ones who don’t edify you spiritually and ones that do. Not all friends are healthy relationships. A true friend will tell you what you refuse to accept about yourself, and still remain a support system for you. Friends that company you victimizing yourself, are not good ones! Friends are not so much for company but for the empowerment of when two or more are joined in the Lord’s presences. If the relationship doesn’t become a movement that glorifies God, your wasting your time.

Yes the Lord was always surrounded by people who were broken in many ways. Although these people came to the Lord with so many problems, the Lord shows us how to handle these problems. Your self care and spiritual self, needs to be able to not get affected by your surroundings. When in doubt pray, and even if you know how to handle people or the situation still pray. Prayer is the answer to everything ! Pray for the friends you have, or want. Pray for the discernment to know who are meant to be in your life for a lifetime or a season. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, and PRAY!

It might be easy to make friends, but it’s not easy breaking the chains that their presences caused your life to get tangled in. Being a witness to ungodly things are dangerous! Pray wisely!

~ Victoria 💛

One thought on “Thursday’s Truths 12/14/17

  1. I smiled so much when I saw that your name was Victoria. I absolutely love that name. I can’t express the importance of this topic about friends. I know personally for me, I struggled with friendship a lot. The people I surrounded myself weren’t necessarily bad people but it was always a one way street. If it’s not me reaching out or checking up on them, they barely do. I believe that as a friend, it’s good to check up on the well bring of your friends. Yes, it’s understandable that we are all busy and have things to do but it doesn’t take 5 minutes to reach out to someone you call your friend. I have learned that overtime that some people are meant to be in your life for a season or lifetime but either ways, it’s all for a purpose. I used to stress myself over the people I called my friends but I’ve learned to pray and release everything to God. I got tired of constantly expressing myself to the people I called my friend. I’ve learned to pray for them. God knows each and everyone of his children. The people we hang around play a part in our lives which can strengthen us or lead us astray from our relationship with God. Thank you for sharing. God bless you 🙂


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