Structured Sunday’s

“Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.” ~ Isaiah 35:3-4 NIV

Today is Sunday and for many people today marks the end of a weekend, and the beginning to a new week! So brothers and sisters lets welcome this new week with strong hands and knees! What do I mean by strong hands and knees ? Our hands and knees are what categorizes us as active or reserved soldiers in the kingdom of God. If we are not working that means our hands are not being used. If we are not moving and spreading the good news, and taking positions; then we are not doing at all what we were called to do.

Let’s talk about Jesus! We all have mouths and move them pretty while! Let’s start this week doing what’s in our advantage. I know when I first began talking about God or dropping His name in conversations, I will try after I had built a relationship with the other individual. I use to feel comfortable getting to know them first and observing their boundaries, that way I knew how to reply to any questions, advice, or comments. Eventually once I did that, speaking about the Lord will just come out like word vomit. Up to this day I never had someone tell me that I made them feel uncomfortable. The funny part is that once I opened up and tried to respond the way the Lord will want me to, they will ask immediately “are you christian?”. The Lord will fill our mouths when we need Him to. For the mean while we just need to be good listeners and allow people to vent.

KEY FACT: I know us humans always attempt to plot revenge to those who did us wrong; but remember that nothing we could ever plan will make us feel any better! That’s why the Lord encourages us in Romans 12:19, to leave the wrath in His hands. Life will go so smooth when we understand that we can’t remain in our emotions. Everyone is constantly going through things which can cause them to be irrational at times. Even those that purposely try to make your life a living nightmare, just pray and bless them. No one attacks for no reason. There is always a reason why someone treats another person a certain way. Most times the one attacking, is really attacking his own battles against someone else.

If you find yourself getting off baseline this week, take the proper steps to remain happy. Some people enjoy writing as therapy. Some enjoy reading a book. Others enjoy worshiping or listening to music. Some hear sermons. Others pray! However before you do any of theses things, speak to God. It’s OK to let God know your not having a great day. Let it all out and then use one of theses copping skills! I know when adults hear copping skills they always refer it to a child. However remember that the Lord reminds us in Matthew 18:3 and in Psalm 127:4; that we should have a mindset of a child and an endurance of a child. There is a reason why the Lord has us refer to children. Children are the best example of living in complete freedom and peace. They do not live on emotions because their not aware of them, and they conquer everything without any fear.

Be fearless this week! Be an example of the fruits of the spirit! Let God fight your battles and let God have full revenge on your enemies. Live in peace and stay focus on all the things you are grateful about.


~ Victoria 💛

8 responses to “Structured Sunday’s”

  1. Thanks for your like of my post; you are very kind.


    1. Amen, I look forward to reading your posts!

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  2. I really like this post, and how you broke down that Bible verse. It’s so true that we have to build relationships and intimacy with others so we can tell them about Jesus more naturally and effectively!

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    1. Amen! Yes its very important to have a relationship and intimacy with the Lord. Many times people want to share the news of our Savior, but its impossible to do it effectively if we ourselves don’t know Him for all that He is.

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  3. This is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and I look forward to following you! I can’t wait to be fearless this week with you!


  4. This is such a good post. I really liked this “Most times the one attacking, is really attacking his own battles against someone else”. It got me thinking


    1. Amen love! Glory to God! I believe we all go through those moments where we need to ask ourselves, why are you so against someone or something? Most times it was just us the whole time. We were probably not in a season where we were able to see or appreciate that individual for just who they are. The great part is that we always get a second or third opportunity to see the beauty within the ashes!


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