Friday’s FIX 12/22/17

“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” – Psalm 23:1

The weekend is quickly approaching, and we made it through this week. Let’s give thanks for all the lessons learned and even for all the bad this week. The LORD is my shepherd, meaning the Lord is my guide. That is a strong and bold promise the Lord is allowing himself to be for us. However I can’t help but to reread theses three words, “I LACK NOTHING”. Lack meaning less than, or barely, or nothing. You and I lack nothing in this world because we have the Lord. When you have the Lord you have everything and more some. When you have the Lord everything is a prayer away. When you have the Lord you are no longer alone, but with company directly from the heavens. When you have the Lord you no longer fight or need to defend yourself. When you have the Lord, you could literally lose everything and still feel within like you have everything.


So whatever it is that you are in need of, what are you doing that you still haven’t received it? I believe our Lord is a Lord that loves to see His children happy and will do anything to bring us a smile. However He can’t be this to us, if we can’t hold ourselves accountable to seeking Him with a heart of thanksgiving. If you only seek when you are in need, eventually it will catch up with you and He won’t move His divine powers to provide. The Lord knows us and for that reason He knows when we are worshipping Him with all our might or just worshipping Him to get what we need. What are you doing that you haven’t received what you need? If whatever your doing isn’t working, change up your plan of methods. Reinvent yourself and ask the Lord to mold you to His image. It’s time to change things up and look for the Lord at all times. When we seek Him at all times, the more we gain without even having to ask. The more you seek Him the more you have. The Lord is willing to work, but you must work too. Be active under His name in His kingdom.


I believe in what you told me, if I have you I lack nothing. Forgive me for halving my worship and my devotion toward you. Lord I ask you to change the way I seek you and to mark it as my identity. I ask you to reveal yourself to me more and more. I want to know you for who they say you are, and not by how I have seen you. I believe You are way more than a person that just gives me what I want. They call you father, protector, light, shepherd, rock; show me those sides to You. Im lacking because I’m truly not seeking; forgive me. The more I seek You, the more I will find You. I believe it and I receive it. Thank you for giving to this begger, who begs for everything besides Your endless presences. Thank you for not giving up on me, but for holding on tighter to me. Thank you for being who YOU are yesterday, today and always. Thank you for never changing. Amen!

– Victoria

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