Friday’s Fix 01/05/18

“We can be in our day what the heroes of faith were in their day- but remember at the time they didn’t know they were heroes.” – A.W.Tozer

Society will disagree but God birthed heroes when He spoke our names! Can you believe that you and I are the superheroes in theses times? It’s not the avengers or all those superheros that people go to see in the movies. They are idolizing a person who is fiction instead of loving the person in the mirror. They are the heroes they wish so bad to be! It’s that amazing to know, if you didn’t know?

Our ancestors throughout the bible were the first heroes to ever exist! They weren’t the heroes we are use to but had way more power than we can ever imagine. Their power was endless because their source came strictly from God. They were heroes of faith because they understood the power in believing what has yet to come (Hebrews 11:1). They didn’t have the mindset that this generation has. They didn’t risk doubting God and hope for a next time. They acted now because now is what they knew they had. They didn’t live life as if time was all they had in this world. They lived and acted as if everyday was their last day. They wanted to be caught in action and not laziness. The rule back then was whomever doesn’t work, can’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10-15). Today many are eating without ever working for it. Many are living a comfortable life without working for the roof over their head (Ecclesiastes 10:18). However our ancestors were far from that. They knew that if they pushed themselves in their labor they will have plenty (Proverbs 20:13).

Yes I’m aware that being lazy is an easy trap to fall into. But if you are repeatedly falling into it, then you are repeatedly losing sight of the vision. I have never heard anyone say they feel good about being lazy. I have heard so many people complaining of their hard work. I have also heard many people expressing how great it feels to be rewarded for their labor. Are you understanding what I’m saying? Why be lazy if you truly don’t like the feeling it causes you? Why not be a hard worker, when you enjoy so greatly its rewards? This is the one time I will say “fake it until you make it” expression. I’m going to change that saying a bit and say “fake the feeling until your conviction speaks the truth over you”. You could only fake it so long before your conviction begins to send warning signs that your behavior or feelings are unacceptable. Why do I say this? There is many scriptures that warn us and remind us, how we should be working. Whatever we do we must do it with our whole heart, and not for man’s pleasure (Colossians 3:23). We must be cautious on who we work for because chasing our own fantasies will lead us to death (Proverbs 12:11). The more committed you are in all works the more the Lord will align everything for your favor (Proverbs 16:3).

A hero never became a hero for never working. A hero is not named a hero for being perfect. A hero is someone who works in favor of God and doesn’t stop when he is tried. A hero is someone who knows that giving up is not optional. A hero is someone who knows who is against them and fights it without harming anyone. A hero takes no pleasure in their victories because they know all the victories come and belong to God. Your a hero! I’m a hero! Let’s activate what God has called us to do. Let’s make our faith grow and fear disappear. Let’s move by faith and not by sight. Let’s find joy in working in the land that the Lord has placed us in. Let us not forget who we are, where we came from, and where we are trying to go. Heroes of faith; WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

– Victoria

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fix 01/05/18

  1. “This is the one time I will say “fake it until you make it” expression. I’m going to change that saying a bit and say “fake the feeling until your conviction speaks the truth over you”.” I truly appreciate your words here, and how you followed it up. I have been through seasons where it was necessary for me to “fake my feelings.” Sometimes it works perfectly, my conviction lining up without fail. But other times, I know my heart is not right and I must evaluate the situation. Ask myself if I’m controlling the situation or surrendering it to God. Great post. I look forward to reading more.


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