Friday’s Fix: Fix Your Covenant

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fix: Fix Your Covenant

  1. Congratulations Victoria on your renewed Wedding vows and yes as you submit willingly to your Husband as unto God and he too Loves you as Christ Loved the Church, you will not only be one in flesh but One in Spirit in Christ Jesus. .

    Sorry but there is a Correction needed – You said that Jesus was a Man who was born a human, ….. this is not True, He was only Born of the flesh of Woman, He was Conceived by the Holy Ghost, He had God’s seed not Mans. Jesus did not become fully Human until He took our Sin upon Himself so we could be Redeemed and this separated Him from God the Father who with The Holy Spirit all 3 are part of The Godhead, or as we call them today The Trinity.

    God bless you both greatly as you seek Him with all your Hearts in Marriage and in all parts of your Lives.

    Anne ( Grannie Annie.)


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