It’s not disqualification; it’s redirected.

Your sins,

Your past,

Your failures,

Your setbacks,

Your temporary pit-hole,

Your confusion,

Your lack of understanding,

Your mis-position,

Your lack of motivation,

All of these unfortunate situations are more of a blessing than you can ever imagine. You could be wrong in many areas in your life and the Lord will always come in ready to fix it. We are a working progress under God’s eyes. No matter how much we try to be perfect, we will always fall short. When we fall short for any of the reasons listed above, we forget to see how powerful that moment is due to lack of acknowledge. No one likes to acknowledge that their wrong or mess up. Which is why they struggle so hard getting out of their mess. The beauty is in the acknowledgment. When we can admit to our wrong doings, the Lord can begin to move in our favor.

Every mess up is another lesson to master! Every setback is another leverage that God will use to place you where you must stand. Every confusion is a moment where God will reintroduce himself and remind you who he really is. Every failure is a chance for God to give you a different method to conquer that goal. Every past is a must for your future to be as bright as what it is today. Every mis-position is a chance for the Lord to built up your endurance and faith for you could be ready for your promise land. Every temporary pit-hole is a chance for God to give you new instruments to dig yourself out. Every lack of understanding is a chance to get deeper into the word of God.

Don’t you see how fortunate are theses moments of unfortunates? God will never disqualify you from running this race. He will never disqualify you from getting to know him. He will never disqualify you from the position he has placed you. He will never disqualify you from every ministry he let you borrow. He will never disqualify you!

However God will redirect you if he saw it was a must! He could redirect you to a better location than your present. He can redirect you to give you more time to flourish. He can redirect you to reveal more of his glory to you in a special way. He can redirect you to remind you where he has pulled you from. He can redirect you to promote you. He can redirect you for you can remain firm in his walk. He can redirect you to built your faith and endurance while being steadfast in his presences. He can redirect you to make sure he won’t lose you. HE WILL REDIRECT YOU TO NOT LOSE YOU. HE WANTS YOU BUT DOESN’T NEED YOU. HE RATHER YOU BE IN HIS PRESENCE THAN OUT OF IT. HE WANTS TO NEED YOU BECAUSE HE SEES PAST WHAT YOU SEE IN YOURSELF. HE SEES THAT YOU ARE MORE EQUIPPED TO HELP HIM COMPLETE THE MISSION HERE ON EARTH. HE SEES THAT HE CAN USE YOU TO BE THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD. HE CAN SEE THAT WHEN YOU HAVE HIM YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE AND UNCONTAINED WITH NO RESTRICTIONS, BUT HAVE THE PERSEVERANCE TO ENDURE ALL FORCES THAT COME YOUR WAY. HE SEES YOU AND BECAUSE HE SEES YOU, HE WANTS YOU !!!!


Blessings brothers and sisters 😊

– Victoria 💛