True forgiveness doesn’t keep score!

In my last post, I blogged about how over praying is better than under praying. Now some of you might be asking, “I forgive all the time and still no changes”. The way we present ourselves to the Lord is key! We are not speaking about being overly dressing but being spiritually repented from anything we believe we handled incorrectly. The Lord knew that we were going to face hardship. He also knew that loving and forgiving was possible. He also knew that our worldly thoughts wouldn’t be able to process how, which is why He encourages us to give him our burdens. That person you declare you couldn’t love, bring that worry to God. By the time you know it God would have prove to you how wrong that thought was. The love is able to come once you forgive them whole heartedly and forgive yourself whole heartedly.

Imagine you mentally keeping score of everything someone has done bad to you. Now imagine you walking around and all you see are score cards, instead of faces ? The score cards are the number of times you have personally done something wrong. Do you think you will be able to live that way ?

There’s many reasons why forgiveness is hard to do. I saw a quote in a devotional I have read, that summed one of the big factors! A big one is “when you are a selfish person”. If all you can see is what they did and not your side to the story; rethink again. Whether it’s a direct or indirect act; we all affect another. It could be a good or bad affect! “Selfish people become servants. Self-centered children grow up to become workers in God’s kingdom. Strangers become intimate friends. Daily life is filled with the drama of kingdom building. There are plenty of mistakes, lots of repenting, times of frustration, sickness, and even doubts. But in the end, God’s presence prevails, people are transformed, kingdom work is accomplished, and trials are overcome.”

There was a moment in my prayer life where I saw God move mountains! Mountains I didn’t even know I had! The moment I began coming to God just how I was and acknowledging my behaviors, emotions, acts, and intentions; miracles happened! In that moment everything switched! It switched because I began confronting myself instead of telling God how someone faulted me. By the time I understood what my lips soon said, the declaration was already made. “God look at me. I’m a mess. A mess that I can’t even deal with but I know you can. This can’t be life? This can’t be who I was meant to be? I don’t understand why certain situations get the very best of me. Lord look at me. Change me, fix me, break me! Do as you please, whatever you need to do. I just want to one day speak about this and feel nothing but love. Change me for I can see with your eyes and not mines.”

“Change me….”

This prayer changed my life. When I was able to acknowledge my faults and ask God to change me. A whole prayer of ways he can fix me, instead of fix that person for they can love me.

True forgiveness does not keep a score but instead live in a every moment repentance. Where they cover all sides of the situation. Where they ask God to forgive all those involve, regardless who’s fault it really was.

God bless you brothers and sisters,

~ Victoria 💚

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