God is truth! 💚

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32 NIV

Have you ever wanted to know the truth so bad that when you hear it, you aren’t truly ready to hear it ?

The truth will set you free! The truth is not always good and it’s not always bad. However the truth is always a step forward! The truth will always free you! Now the free part might be difficult because it’s probably a freedom you didn’t wish for. This does not change though that you are free.

I once thought that the life I was walking in was a great one. It felt like everything I wanted, and looked great from thee inside. I was in the inside of this supposedly life, yet the truth showed me just how out I really was. Little by little I was falling apart and thought this was a great thing! I thought god was breaking me! I thought I was close to a breakthrough I didn’t even know I needed! I was very close to a breakthrough but it was painful! The breakthrough was finding out the truth. The truth of who I really was. The truth of what my life really was. The truth of what I believed was truth but turned out to be a lie. Although it was painful, I was free! Free to see my life for what it really was. Free to work on the real issues. Free to cry out and now know what I’m crying about. FREE TO RUN TO GOD AND BEG HIM TO FIX MY LIFE! I was free!

The bondages of lies might feel good in the moment, but that isn’t life. Living is living boldly in the truth. Lies keeps doors shut until they burst. Truth open doors and leads you to greater truths. Lies cheats you from growth. Truth allows you to grow! God is truth, and lies are from the enemy !