Do Not Faint

Jesus said, “We ought to pray and not to faint” (Luke 18:1).

He told us to be persistent in our prayer life.

Think about Elijah, who prayed one time and fire came down from heaven on Mt. Carmel. But it took him praying three times before God resurrected the dead son of the widow. And Elijah prayed seven times before God sent back rain on the earth during that time of drought. Elijah learned to pray and trust God’s timing … and don’t give up.

In Christian history, we also think about George Muller, who lived a life that was one of the greatest demonstrations of answered prayer. When he died, he had 50,000 documented answers to prayer! Five thousand of those were answered on the day he prayed them. Of course, that means 90 percent of the time, George Muller just kept waiting and praying. He prayed for 63 years for one man to come to Christ before that man ended up doing so!

Like Elijah, George Muller learned that we can trust the Lord. He said, “Don’t let yesterday’s seemingly unanswered prayers stop you from praying in faith today.”

So I want to encourage you: pray! God knows His perfect timing. He may answer right after you pray. He may wait weeks, months, or even years. He will wait until He is most glorified in your situation … so don’t give up. You can wait on the Lord and trust His timing. Keep on praying.

Many times God allows certain situations, not to hurt us; but for we can grow closer to Him.

~ Victoria 💛

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