Mini-Series on ”Jesus is tested in the wilderness” Part 3

Quick Recap:

1. Jesus set apart time to fast and connect with God. God set him apart to prepare him to birth his purpose. 40 days and 40 nights fasting! ( This is broken down in part one of the series.)

2. Immediately the devil came to test Jesus. He took advantage of his state since he hadn’t eaten anything or drank anything, for 40 days. He tested Jesus by acknowledging who he was and by trying to confuse him with his identity. He wanted Jesus to test God and his power, to prove he is the son of God. Jesus overcame by declaring the truth toward the enemy.

“Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ “ ~ Matthew 4:4

Above was a quick recap of when Jesus was tested in the wilderness. Today we will hit point number 3.

In moments of the test, your victory will always stand in two things. Calling out the enemy by his name. Letting the enemy know that you are aware of his plans. In the moment of acknowledging his awareness declare the truth through scripture toward him. Trust that God is with you and fighting for you. We must be confident in who fights for us for we can receive his promises. No weapon form against us shall prosper ( Isaiah 54:17).

This point is very important!!! We must not give the enemy leverage by allowing him to speak or test us in foolish ways. What do I mean by foolish? The Bible says “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32. If we know the truth and have a profound understanding of it, we must carry ourselves confidently. Don’t let the enemy hold you in bondage when God send his only son to die for us in the cross. When Jesus died for us, he took all the bondages that the enemy could attack us with! Jesus made us free!

We must know when to fight back and how. There are different battle plans. Here’s a list of different ones:



•meditating on the word

•being still and trust God

•asking for spiritual support to join you

•declaring truth out loud

•getting deeper in your intimacy with God

•departing yourself from the person or object that is affecting you spiritually

•worshipping (singing, dancing, instruments, writing, painting, and etc.)

The main thing when doing all this is perseverance! Push through it all into you see or feel that God stepped in and took over. Giving up in a battle will only lead to disaster! Disaster physically and spiritually! If you feel like your too weak in your battle or test; that’s a lie from the enemy! And even if you are be weak in the Lord! When we are weak in the Lord, he becomes our strength! He will renew your strength the more you incline yourself to handle everything according to his will and not your own.

Allow your wilderness to be the territory that helped you to trust in God. To trust that he is control! That he will supply! That he will provide! That he will renew! That he will do it again! That he will restore! That he will close that door! That he will open that door! That he will guide every step! That he will never forsake you! That he hears you! That he sees you crying every day! That he is speaking to you! That he is the one that is comforting you! That he gives in double portion! That he takes away things that were not meant for us! That he is making something new! That he is entering that hard heart! That he is molding you! That he loves you !!!!!!!!!!!

Be confident that God is Immanuel and he knows all and sees all. Allow him to make you a confident child of his !!!! The enemy loves to attack when you lose focus on who you are! Don’t lose focus!

~ Victoria 💛

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