Social Media Chaos

Boy oh boy is this a topic that should be spoken about more! Facebook “ What’s on your mind?”. Then the venting is loose and many times with no filter. Does Facebook really care about what’s on my mind ? I know the way people type on it believe that it does.

“Oh but I only use it to update my family from far away. I’m barely on it. I don’t follow just anybody. I don’t post much. I barely put pictures on it.” If all these comments are true, why has it become almost impossible to put a limit to it. Why the need to look at Facebook the very first moment you wake up and the last when you sleep? Why is it now difficult for people to give you undivided attention and put their phone away? Why is it so hard to look for that particular family member and have a normal phone conversation. Instead of posting away on social media, hoping they will see it?

Social media has become chaos and have created people’s lives to be in chaos. It’s one of the top things that people do daily and don’t even realize that they are feeding their spirit with all the junk they see and hear. Little by little what started off as a good idea becomes a stronghold over their life. Strongholds are difficult when it’s expose but image the ones that are not seen and constantly in denial.

My word of advice about any social media this year…before you update your status; make sure you updated the Lord! Put a filter on and make sure what you share edifies whoever reads it. If you can’t check these things off then maybe you shouldn’t be posting. Learn to interact with real people and not just exchange thoughts through a comment thread. Learn the basic life lessons and be present to your now!

Don’t shift your whole life according to what you see in social media. Don’t spend your days or nights desiring others life. Their life is filter, it’s not real! You will never know the real because you don’t live in the homes of the people and things your desiring to have. Remember the same way you look at one thing, there is someone else looking at your life the same way. Someone else is desiring to have your life, family, job, home and etc. You also look desirable to other people. Remember that majority of the people only expose the beautiful and perfect image. Stay focus on your life and what God is doing in it! Stay focus on what is real which is the Lord! For what he starts he will finish. He came for we can have life and have it abundantly. He (God) focused so much on you and made sure to plan out everything he wanted to give you and do for you. Don’t waste all your blessings on focusing on other people and their blessings. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy your blessing, for worrying more what you want to post and share with the whole world. The blessing can pass quickly and you won’t notice. Trust, you will complain that you didn’t have enough time or didn’t notice it. Look up and stop looking down!

Victoria 💚

One response to “Social Media Chaos”

  1. I believe that social media can be good and bad, depending on how it is used. Sadly, it does consume the lives of many people and I hope that finding a balance will help optimize the use of social media in a way that benefits people’s well-being. Blessings!


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