Extending an olive branch 🕊

I won’t pretend that I understand or know the pain that you are holding within.

I won’t try to align our suffering to see if it’s rooted equally.

I won’t even try to comprehend to then sugar coat it with a beautiful bible phrase.

I won’t do nothing because I can’t…


I will extend an olive branch.

I will extend an area where your allow to feel.

I will extend a space that no one will steal.

I will extend an arm and truly let you hold on.

I will extend my legs and walk miles with you or to where you are.

I will extend my heart and shelter what you lost grip of.

I will extend my mind and channel in everything your emotions left you blindside to.

I will do all this for I know this is where the gospel really steps into play.


I’m only human, so I’m limit on how far I can get.

However I can intercede and provoke the dove to be set free.

That it may return with a new opportunity of reconciliation and restoration.

That it may return back with a sign that there will be life after this.

That it may return back with a sign that every seed that was drop has taken root and it’s just in a process of growing.

That it may return in hopes that a new direction will take place.

That it may return as a light, that all of this agony was just to fulfill a promise.

That it may return with a sign of a new covenant.

I pray that the dove comes back with an olive leaf in its beak.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will be poured out like how it happened to Jesus.

I pray that all of God’s children arise and take a stand.

I pray that the church sees this is something we need to take control of because politics can’t.

The legislation could put laws into place but the children of God can declare the blood of Jesus to go rushing into those stone hearts.

The legislation can present things in court but only God can put into place an order that no man can break.

The legislation can pretend to care but the Holy Spirit can bring conviction to every soul.

The legislation can try to fix all this mess but only God can cleanse the land and leave no trace of evidence.

The legislation can try everything but in the end it will still need God to step in.

There is a flood of anger, confusion, hurt, betrayal, abuse, injustice, sadness, depression, separation, division, numbness, grief, blood and tears flooding our atmosphere.

It’s been arising overtime.

But until the people don’t understand that we must take every step under the instructions of God, all things will continue to be wiped away.

From the roots things will be killed off and only those who obeyed will stick around to see a new place.