In Timothy, contentment is a huge common theme. Once you have reached a level of contentment putting expectations on people becomes less. You realize then, only God can meet your expectation in the form you are expecting it to be revealed. The word also reminds us how much of a fallen race we are and that man fail us daily. That’s something we forget to remember or apply to our hearts the moment, love seems to be showed indifferent to what we are use to.

The word also reminds us how we are crucified along with Christ. The crudifition is an agonizing thing, there is no way to avoid the pain but the verse reminds us that we are crucified with Christ. That being said, Christ is enduring it all with us and we are not alone during the processes. Also in Romans it’s mentioned how our spirit is willing but our flesh is weak. That is our constant battle as Christians, having to kill our personal desires for God will can prevail instead.

I feel like these 4 things are spoken in great detail in the Bible to protect our hearts. These are 4 very broad topics that seem to always mark us because we forget that no one can give you what God can. Humans fail us every time because every human has a constant battle between they spirit and flesh. Were meant to feel their failure toward us for we can remember the one who never does; God. The pain of human failure however is meant to be felt just like the crucifixion. Just how Christ endured the crucifixion we must endure it as well. We should channel the pain or hurt for a greater cause and not to victimize or justify, how we lack giving it all to God.

I think it’s hard for majority of us because God has put us in a position where the truth has been exposed and now we are called to break generational curses. We are rebuilding in our life a new foundation that no one prior really established or paved the way for us to follow in. So it’s a tiring thought having to give it our all to Christ because we feel like life already took so much from us. We enter in a state of wanting to receive because it feels like our whole existence has been just giving and no one is giving back. Then we need to get real with ourselves and ask how are we getting filled. We know pouring into others very well but getting filling we don’t. In order for us to get filled we must let our guard down and get vulnerable because intimacy could only be created when everything is exposed on the table with no reservation. If you lack contentment is because your life has lacked intimacy with the Lord.

~Victoria 💛