Who is your expert?

A doctor.

A psychologist.

A counselor.

A teacher.

A pastor.

A sister.

A brother.

A parent.

A friend.

A boss.

Have you ever considered God ?

We rush to conclusions.

We rush to fix things.

We rush to speak.

We rush to ignore.

We rush for help.

We rush to see.

We rush to feelings.

We rush to denial.

We rush.

We rush.

We rush.

What will happen if we slowed down for a second?

Would we hear something new ?

Would we see something new ?

Would we feel something new?

Would we react different?

Would we speak different?

Would we think different?

Now I know we have many experts in this world, but why don’t we ever consider God?

Out of all the experts I know, He is the only one who understands us without speaking.

Who hears our tears, and gives it meaning.

Who sees us and covers us.

Who gives when we didn’t know we were lacking.

Who heals without declaring us sick.

Who gets involved before we could scream a S.O.S.

Who leaves signs all around, to let us know He is near.

Who embraces us, when we don’t know who we are.

Who makes our past, a bridge for a new one.

He is all of these things and more.

How can we not consider Him thee expert!

I don’t know you is your expert…

But mines is the one…

Who created me before times.

Who died for me to buy me out of a life of, captivity and condemnation.

And as if He has done enough for me.

The one who is relentless in His purse to love me and keep me as His daughter.

My father is my expert.

Victoria 💛

Clarity (Spoken word)

So many shades of colors.

So many shades of situations.

So many reasons for truth.

So many things just to protect, you from you.

Fields of thoughts.

Fields of plans.

Fields of hope.

Fields of plots.

Fields with no ending.

Fields with no beginnings.

You see…

There’s so many things of everything.

Lord, I just want to see, what you see.

Where does hope overflow like a well?

When does faith arise ?

What mountain do we tell to move ?

Why does sacrifice and obedience, always feel like a tie?

How do we active a Paul and Silas during these times?

Your coming back for ONE CHURCH.

One bride.

One vision.

So why so many dominations and religions?

Why so many different doctrines as options?

Why so many fights to covert someone to you ?

Your the prince of peace.

Your the one that transforms.

Your the one that touches the hearts.

Your the one that removes the blinds from our eyes.

Your the one that called us first.

Your the one that chose us before we were born.

Shouldn’t speaking about you be the important seed?

Shouldn’t the fruits of the spirit be what convinces people of the God that we seek?

Why do people try so hard ?

Isn’t our testimony enough and the evidence of who we serve ?

Why is there so much war on what is a good or bad believer ?

How do people measure and with what power ?

Aren’t you the judge of all judges ?

Does this world and everyone in it, not understand ?

Your the only one that has control.

Lord, I just want to see, what you see.

Please give this world some clarity.

~ Victoria 🙏🏼

When your best doesn’t feel enough…

Wow this year has definitely been 20/20 ! We have been forced to truly see things and not just walk around oblivious. The unfortunate has been in our view. Everywhere we turn we are faced with something that has just shaken us to our core. The impact of what we have been witnessing probably has been sugarcoated with “this if life” statements. However in those nights when sleep has been hard to find, all that rushes to our minds is…how can I help ? What can I do? I’m seeing but am I really? What I’m I missing? I’m I giving my best to everything God is expecting from me in this season? Our nights have been hitting us like a flood, where we are just trying to stay above water. A flood where currents are pulling every way possible, while our spirit stays focused on above !

Let’s talk about that hovering feeling. That feeling of “I’m giving my best and it’s still not enough”. The one that steals our thoughts and chains it to ideas that are a burden. Those difficult questions that hit an area in us. Why do I feel so inadequate? Why I’m not moving forward? Why does nothing feel like enough?

I know this season I’m not the only one battling theses horrible thoughts. However let me bring some light to these dark moments!

You are enough! You will always be enough! Jesus Christ didn’t die for someone who isn’t worthy or enough ! He died for someone who is WORTHY AND ENOUGH! We didn’t deserve it nor can comprehend it but it’s a done deal! Our Lord and Savior died for us because he saw something we couldn’t within ourselves. Feelings of inadequacy? Rebuke those and tell yourself what the Lord told us ! “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; ~ 1 Peter 2:9”. You were chosen !!! So it doesn’t matter what the enemy is showing you because you were chosen. Since you were chosen, that means the Lord’s favor and grace is upon your life ! He will equip you in every area, in his own way.

Just a reminder: Just because we have God doesn’t mean we won’t go through things in this world. Take heart because the Lord has also overcome this world, so we could too! Bad days are the worse but their not the end of anything! If anything their the beginning of something new! A new perspective, a new start to healing an area, a new opportunity to reach for help, a new opportunity to run closer to God, a new opportunity to surrender, and a new opportunity to give up control and hand it over to the Lord!

Peace my brothers and sisters !

Take one day at a time !

Victoria 💛