Who is your expert?

A doctor.

A psychologist.

A counselor.

A teacher.

A pastor.

A sister.

A brother.

A parent.

A friend.

A boss.

Have you ever considered God ?

We rush to conclusions.

We rush to fix things.

We rush to speak.

We rush to ignore.

We rush for help.

We rush to see.

We rush to feelings.

We rush to denial.

We rush.

We rush.

We rush.

What will happen if we slowed down for a second?

Would we hear something new ?

Would we see something new ?

Would we feel something new?

Would we react different?

Would we speak different?

Would we think different?

Now I know we have many experts in this world, but why don’t we ever consider God?

Out of all the experts I know, He is the only one who understands us without speaking.

Who hears our tears, and gives it meaning.

Who sees us and covers us.

Who gives when we didn’t know we were lacking.

Who heals without declaring us sick.

Who gets involved before we could scream a S.O.S.

Who leaves signs all around, to let us know He is near.

Who embraces us, when we don’t know who we are.

Who makes our past, a bridge for a new one.

He is all of these things and more.

How can we not consider Him thee expert!

I don’t know you is your expert…

But mines is the one…

Who created me before times.

Who died for me to buy me out of a life of, captivity and condemnation.

And as if He has done enough for me.

The one who is relentless in His purse to love me and keep me as His daughter.

My father is my expert.

Victoria 💛

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