Spiritual Growth Tips


It’s safe to say that many people start the year with the hopes of growing closer to God. I’m also aware that this journey is hard to begin for many reasons. Many don’t know how to start or what is nonnegotiable in order to grow spiritually. I can admit that I have tried out this journey by my will. Those moments were very difficult and too often will result with me falling flat on my face. Other times I have seek the will of God, and what He expects from me as his daughter. Those moments were a huge blessings!

In the video I share things that has helped me grow in Christ and it could help you too. I also what to express and encourage you brothers and sisters to allow God to be your everything in this season. I also encourage you to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There will be times where things won’t make sense to others or even to yourself and that’s totally ok!!! Your relationship with God is very personal and no one’s business 🤭. Your process is not meant to be understood by everyone. Nor is your testimony meant to be shared with everyone. Your process will be a testimony to the right people when the time comes and it will bear fruit in the name of Jesus.

Keep fighting the good fight. This isn’t the time for distraction but the time to align and refocus yourself. You got this !! I’m praying for you ♥️

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One response to “Spiritual Growth Tips”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is so important in these times!


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