Even While

“Even while Saul was king over us, you were the one who led us out to battle and brought us back. The Lord also said to you, “You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will be ruler over Israel’”.

Samuel 5:2

Here we see David being acknowledged as King of Israel by the people. They were aware that Saul had been the one in position but that never stopped no one from noticing David. After Saul’s death, David took over the reign as if he had been king this whole entire time. God had prepared David for years prior to this point which is one of the reasons he was ready to be king immediately. 

Which brings me to this question…even while…have you felt God preparing you for what you have been waiting for?

While I was reading this verse, I couldn’t help to discern the words, “Even while…”. I felt the Lord prompting me to notice that He is the “Even while” God in my life and everyone else’s. 

Even while I leave Him, He never leaves me.

Even while I’m unfaithful, He remains faithful to me.

Even while I’m unlovable, He still loves me.

Even while I don’t seek Him as I should, He still seeks for me.

Even while I have nothing to give Him, He still continues to give me everything.

The “Even While” is the answer to any emptiness my spirit can feel.


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