One prayer at a time!  04/06/18


Prayer for a deeper intimacy with the Lord. 



“Lord as I sit here in awe of what my life has become; I ask you to hear the voice of your servant. I ask you to reveal to me the ABBA I know you are. The father I have grown to love and need for all the days of my life here on earth. I ask you to get deeper with me. I ask you to deepen this love and heart of graditude I have toward your name. For I stay in hunger and thirst of you. As I stand in complete weakness, I ask you to pull me closer to you. You are my refuge, my judge, my counselor, my father, the lover of my soul, my protector, and my corrector. I ask you to align my life to your will. I ask you to align my life to the calling you have placed in my hands. You have called me by my name. Call me once again by the name you have called me! Immense me in your grace and mercy. Make my heart jump for joy. For there is nothing new under the sun, and worrying makes no sense  for your servants. For what is to come, will still come, whether we are ready for it or not. Help us be ready for you. For the day of your coming we want to be caught working for your kingdom, and not sleeping in our laziness. I want to get deeper with you. I want your words to pierce my heart in a more impacting way, than ever before. I need an encounter! Lord humble our spirits! Lord speak to our souls! Lord prepare us and shed peace during our season of training. We are caught in your wonders and have seen you move! Move again Lord! We need more of your presence. We need more of you. We lift up our voices to you father. We lift up our burdens to you. We lift up our hearts to you. We lift up our cares to you. We lift up our shame to you. Our guilty, sadness, depression, anxiety, and every emotion that is rooted in wickedness. As we long for you Lord, in the name of Jesus we will see all these chains break and very stronghold loosen as we stand firm in your presences. Immerse us. Flows of your living rivers; cover us. Consume us and reach out for us. ABBA we give you your position in our life. You are the Omega, and the Alpha. You are the beginning and the end. You are the ruler of all Lord of lords and King of all kings. You are our good shepherd! You have won our hearts from the first nail that pierced your skin. You have won our soul from he first breath that you breathed into us. You have won us father. WE DECLARE VICTORY IN YOUR NAME. WE DECLARE FREEDOM. WE DECLARE THAT AS LONG AS WE HAVE YOU, WE HAVE IT ALL. ABBA WE LOVE YOU! AMEN!”






Life is too short to be allowing our words to distract us from reaching the goal. We must reevaluate ourselves daily and not be ashamed to have to do it daily. Is better for us to truly check where we are standing than walking around thinking we are good. Lets begin practicing what we are demanded to do which is speak about love with love! Correct our brother or sister in wrong doing; privately. There’s no need to be entertain by it or speak about anything we don’t have the courage to confront. What is out of our hands should also be out of our mouth unless we are praying for that brother/sister. What we can’t control God could control. If God moves so much in our favor, imagine how much more He will do if we constantly do our part.

For love covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8) ♥️

We all can use encouragement on this topic. I know I myself have had moments where my mouth will literally vomit out my feelings. Once everything was said I noticed I did nothing to change what I just finished complaining! I just added judgement in my brother and sister, instead of reaching out to them and offering support or help ! May we pray more and talk less. May our words we water to help ourselves or others flourish and not drown!

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