Look at Him again

“My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” ~ Jeremiah 2:13

As hard as it is to admit, I plead the fifth! Just must recently I had to do a heart check. I needed to ask myself very tough questions. After answering everything, I realized how quick I lost my identity. It blew my mind that this was my reality. It fathom me of how difficult it was to reach a certain level with the Lord, and how quick it slipped away.

I LOST MY FOCUS! Those few minutes where I prioritized wrongly, affected me down the road. I SHIFTED MY FOCUS! I ALLOWED MY EYES TO GUIDE ME! I ALLOWED MY HEART TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR ME! Just like that everything shifted.

But for the glory of God, and the conviction from the Holy Spirit He rescued me once again. As I read this devotional, I couldn’t help but share again.Maybe none of you are going through this and amen for that; but maybe some of you are. I was in that same spot. I was there thinking, “how can I go back to God after what I just did to him.” In a moment of desperation I heard the Lord say to me, “Just look at me again Victoria, just look at me again”.

The Lord’s love for us is immeasurable! If you lost sight on God, don’t beat yourself up for it. Don’t waste more time planning the perfect way to go back. “Just look at him again”. Redirect your focus! There is no condemnation but forgiveness when we fully repent from our sins.

“Family is a noble cause, but it’s not the spring of living water. For 18 years, my constant concern has been one or both of my children. I just dropped off my oldest child at college. My second child is about to turn sixteen and start driving. The illusion of control has slipped away. My temptation is to look to my family’s well-being as my source of life. If they are doing well, then I seem to be doing well. If one of them is a wreck, then I’m a wreck.

The reality is that we’re all looking somewhere for our source of true life. You may be looking to your job, your spouse, your friends, your bank account, or your activities to bring you satisfaction and meaning. Like family, all of these things are gifts from our heavenly Father. The problem is that none of these gifts are promised. These gifts can exit our lives just as fast as they entered. Our health can be compromised, a child can derail, a relationship can end, and we are left empty. They were broken cisterns that could never hold water.

Jeremiah is crying out to a people who have turned their backs on God. They have committed two sins. They turned away from God, and they turned to someone or something else as their source of living water. Only Jesus promises us water that springs up to eternal life. Only Jesus promises to satisfy our thirst.

As you consider your relationship with God, are you focused on him as the priority relationship in your life? Or have you turned to someone or something else for your satisfaction? Your true source of peace and satisfaction cannot come from your ministry accomplishments, your perfect family, or your best friends. At some point, they will all let you down. Even on their best days, they will not be enough.

Turn back to Jesus Christ. He is the only One who can satisfy your soul.

By: Amy Edge

Wiregrass Church”

Victoria 💛

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