As I read one of my daily devotion, I came across this one. It spoke to me in many ways especially about my talent as a writer. Below I have shared with you because maybe one of you needs to remember this word. What God has given us is far more worth than any comfort of this world. What God has spoken upon our life about our purpose is far more important than any lie from the enemy. Remember the enemy didn’t give us anything, so he can’t take anything away! Remember that the enemy fears us and our power! He knows who we extend from and how our Father protects His sheep’s. He attacks us because he think he has a head start if he starts first. In reality the enemy fears us more than we can understand which is why he tries to attack us indirectly, with our families, jobs, talents, gifts and friends. The enemy has a strong understanding that he can’t touch us at all unless God gives him the green light!

So don’t bend to the comfort of this world but trust that God knows exactly how our life is playing out. Remember He is the narrative of our story. He wrote our beginning and end! What He starts He finishes.

“How God Perceives Your Trust

It’s not only important to understand why trust is important as a whole, but also why, specifically, is trust important to God. Psalm 20:7 identifies that many will trust in the world and the things it has to offer, but few will trust in God. Perhaps it’s for this very reason trust is so important to God–because few do.

Trust is an indicator of our heart’s condition, reflecting where our loyalty and commitment lies. Trusting God in the midst of our trials and storms shows Him that we count on Him, not the world. When the choice comes, to choose to make things work by the means this world offers or rely on God, we will choose to rely on God.

I can’t help but wonder if part of the difficulties in our lives are for this very reason; so that we learn to trust God? When I faced my own fork in the road last year, coming out of it I couldn’t help but think I went through all of it just so I could learn to trust God to a greater degree. Even today a battle arose from the enemy to attack me as a writer; someone threatening to tarnish my character because they didn’t like what I wrote. This morning I battled, wondering if I should give into their words.

Thankfully I had godly counsel around me to encourage me to trust what God has called me to do. If God has called me to share my testimony through writing, I must hold firm to what He has called me to. Otherwise, I would be bending to the world instead of remaining steady to the course He has marked out before me.

Are you facing a battle that calls for your trust? Perhaps someone is coming against you as well? Or there is a situation at work that confronts you to operate out of fear or trust? Whatever it is, may your heart reflect your commitment to God.

Choose today to be someone committed to the calling, purpose, and God-ordained direction on your life. Few will choose this path but to those who do, watch God paint your story with vibrant colors only reserved for those who are faithful, loyal, and fully committed to Him.”

~ Victoria 💛

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