How has the Holy Spirit guided you in doing what is right in this season ?

What a season we have been in?

For months many have embarked a historical moment in our life, that would one day be in the history books. For months many have felt a great amount of lost, stillness, silence, confusion, wavering faith and hope. For months many have prayed for the hopes of waking up the next day, seeing normalcy at the front door again. For months many have tried to adjust to this global change the best way that they possibly can. For months many have been force to see, hear, bend and extend. For months many have just wished the months away until the day we can all be human again.

We have come to a major conclusion that humans need specific things to be functional on a daily bases. We have taken touch, going to or doing activities, closeness, and interaction with other people for grated. I have never seen so many people desiring to be near each other, the way I have seen it in this season. I also have never seen so many people uniting in fervent prayer, passionate seeking to and for God.

Our world has been on a never ending change since the beginning of 2020. Which brings me to this very important questions that has been tugging at my heart… How has the Holy Spirit guided you in doing what is right in this season ? As a society we have an outline of the definition “right” and “wrong”. However I believe it’s safe to say that the word “right” it’s also an individual belief and act. Whether we chose to make a “right” or “wrong” decision; it’s still a choice we chose to believe and invest in. But how has your “right” been changed or guided by the Holy Spirit?

In this season I have noticed particular patterns to when the Holy Spirit, wants to fix my wrongs to right.

• The right bought no confusion.

• The right bought quick confirmation.

• The right didn’t feel right to my flesh.

• The right caused me to evaluate myself.

• The right lend me more into prayer.

• The right bought peace, even if I didn’t understand.

• The right gave fruit.

• The right helped me grow.

• The right had many people question the decision.

• The right bought order/alignment to my spiritual life, home (marriage/ children), church, family, and work.

The Holy Spirit is always willing to guide us, if we are willing to take guidance. He makes himself present and known. We must open our eyes and ears. He is always moving.

How is the Holy Spirit guiding you ?

How have you noticed his guidance?


Victoria 💛

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