Psalm 1:4-6

I pray that everyone’s week is going well. On Tuesday I posted about chapter 1 in the book of Psalm. Today I will love to wrap up the chapter, breaking down verses 4-6. For those who found it easier clicking on the link, I will provide the website for the verses again. Below you should have accesses to the link and for those who will use their bibles, its Psalm 1:4-6.

“Like chaff that the wind blows away”

Evil works will never last a long time. I know many have seen how their oppressor get away with their actions, but their deeds will one day be encountered and stopped. The Lord doesn’t look upon the wicked for they are “like chaff that the wind blows away.”  The word “chaff” refers to something that is worthless, or a seed separated from threshing of a kernel of corn. Since its separated from its originated place it does not stand firm on its own but flow along with anything. We can interpret this for the ungodly who would hold no weight the day of judgement. Everything that the righteous will inherit the ungodly won’t. 

            “For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous”. The righteous would have the assurance that the Lord will fight their battles and protect them at all cause. The righteous will have their paths watched over and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The righteous ways will always win because they will have the all mighty one watching over their every move. However, those who choose “the way of the wicked leads to ruin.” The wicked will fall into their own trap and their own self-made pits. No good will come from being wicked regardless of how they temporary prosper. 

I encourage you brothers and sisters to always remain as righteous as possible. I know we fall from the glory of God on a daily but that is not an excuse to act on any wicked behavior. Keep staying encourage that the Lord’s way is better than any other way. 

One response to “Psalm 1:4-6”

  1. Victoria, thanks for sharing these blessed testament. As we read God’s Word, we feel His righteousness leading us to life’s high road.


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